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Amkay Mechanical Pencil - Pack of 2
A pencil that doesn't need any sharpener. These mechanical pencils are loaded with lead which stays ..
Apsara assorted drawing pencils HB-B-2B-2B-4B-6B (5 packs)
These assorted drawing pencils are the professional's choice pencils. Made with superior quality woo..
Apsara glass marking pencils blue- 3 packs
Blue glass marking pencils for clean and clear markings are made from wax based smooth leads. Not on..
Apsara glass marking pencils red - 3 Packs
For clear marking over glass, leather, optical lenses, metal, vinyl, cellophane, etc, this Apsara pe..
Apsara glass marking pencils yellow - 3 packs
Formulated with wax based smooth lead that can let you to write on leather, glass, metal, cellophane..
Apsara Platinum Pencil - 5 boxes
₹280.00 ₹240.80
This pencil is specially designed for executives. Having superior bonded 2B Grade lead, this pe..
Bilt Matrix Cedar Pencil (12 pcs)
Made of premium quality Cedar-Lite wood, these HB2 pencils are ideal for writing purpose. To prevent..
Camlin  mechanical pencil 0.5 mm- Pack of 10
Camlin mechanical 0.5mm pencil best fit in geometary compass. It is designed with a scracth fre..
Camlin  mechanical pencil- pack of 10
 Camlin Klick 0.5 mm Pencil is made up of comfortable grip which gives you more fine writing an..
Doms Neon Pencils (Pack of 10) - 3 Packs
For dark and neat writing use these graphite pencils which come with hi-quality lead. These atrracti..
Doms Pencil Graphite lead with 1 Doms crystal sharpener and 1 Doms Dust-free triangle eraser (Pack of 10 pencils)-3 boxes
With accurate bonding, thes pencils have hi-quality graphite lead for dark and neat writing. These p..
Faber-Castell Ole-grip Super dark pencil-pack of 10 pencils (3 packs)
With comfortable triangular grip and super dark lead, these perefctly bonded pencils are ideal for s..
Fine Script Pencil (pack of 10)
₹280.00 ₹229.60
This fine script pencil with pleasing colours is the must-have kids stationery. It comes with a 0.7m..
FUN Ace Pencils - Pack of 10 (5 Packs)
For extra smooth writing experince, use these Fun Ace Pencils which are available in 5 different col..
FUN Ecobuddy Polymer Pencils - Pack of 10 (Set of 5 packs)
Ecobuddy Polymer Pencils from FUN are the premium quality pencils that comes with a free eraser and ..
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Sketcher says buy pencils online

Long ago, a pretty girl, named Skaicher, was born in the land of heritage, Mississippi. Her mom, Lady Carnicacy was famous worldwide for her outstanding paintings and human sketches. She used to advise her clients to buy mechanical pencils online as an act of marketing pencils and colours. The beauty of paintings not only brought applauses but also hatred and jealousy. One night, an evil spirit, dressed like a peaceful soul visited the art gallery where her paintings were exhibited. Using some sort of black magic, that evil spirit cursed Lady Carnicacy that her art will turn out to be a reason for joke for her first child.

The curse was passed on to Skaicher since she was the first child of the family. She was born with pencils in place of fingers, with text as ‘buy pencil online' embossed on every pencil. These tiny pencils could be sharpened but increased an inch in length every three month. Skaicher’s mom, Lady Carnicary made her wear gloves throughout her life, whenever she had to step out of the house. The family also tried to scratch the text ‘buy pencils online’, but all efforts went in vain.

Gloves could work out well till the age of 21, but when she got a marriage proposal, Skaicher was forced to hide her life’s truth from the guy and his family. Within a month of her marriage, the guy divorced her as she lied to him. Skaicher did multiple attempts to cut her pencil fingers flashing buy faber castell pencils online India. After so many unsuccessful attempts, Skaicher lit the idea of using her finger pencils for creating sketches. Her mom trained her on the styles of sketching using her own fingers and she finally started working as a sketch artist.