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Cross - Apogee Chrome Ballpoint Pen (AT0122-1)
This center weighted and balanced chrome pen offers effortless writing experience. Having a cap-over..
Cross - Apogee roller Ball Point Pen (AT01225)
With a chrome appointments and brown textured body, this twist and turn pen has a bold profile. S..
Cross - ATX Pure Chrome Ballpoint Pen (882-2)
Bold, balanced and beautiful, this pen has it all. With a comfortably tappered medium diameter barre..
Cross - Bailey Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen (AT0452-7)
Ideal for corporate gifting, this deep cut engraving and rich lacquer finish pen exhibit classic sty..
Cross - Bailey Blue Lacquer Ballpoint Pen (AT0452-6)
A fantastic choice for today's executives, this rich blue lacquer finsih pen has a chrome plated app..
Cross - Bailey Medalist Roller Ball (AT0452DS-6)
Flaunt with this stylish pen having chrome body and golden appointments. Specifications: - Twist..
Cross - Bailey Medalist Selectip Rolling Ball Pen (AT0455-6)
This exceptionally beautiful and royal look pen has a multi groove center ring with deep cut engravi..
Cross - Bailey Red Lacquer Ballpoint Pen (AT0452-8)
Adorned with royal lacquer red colour and classic styling, this pen has a multi groove center ring w..
Cross - Black Lacquer Selectip Rolling Ball Pen (AT0455-7)
This sleek and elegant looking pen a selectip is a blend of comfirt and quality. This pens features ..
Cross - Calais Chrome/Black Ball Point Pen (AT0112-2)
Having black lacquer barrel and chrome cap and trim, this lusturous beauty pen has a bold profile. ..
Cross - Calais Chrome/Blue Ball Point Pen (AT0112-3)
With lusturous chrome appoinments and cap and blue lacquer barrel, this Cross Calais Collection pen ..
Cross - Calais Lustrous Chrome Ball Point Pen (AT0112-1)
Give a crisp clean look to your table with this pen having classic styling. Calais Lusturous Chrome ..
Cross - Century II Classic Black Ballpoint Pen (2502WG)
Having a black matte body finessed with fine metal, this pen is famous for bigger and bold profile. ..
Cross - Century II Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen (3502 WG)
Having bolder look and wider girth, this pen is saturated with finessed fine metal. This pen has mir..
Cross - Century II Lustrous Chrome Rollerball Pen (3504)
Having mirror finished chrome body with a black conical top, this pen is formulated with gel ink rol..
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The Parrot Talking Buy Pens Online

In the southernmost corner of west India, there is a small village where with a land mostly dry and insignificant water bodies. The map of India, till date, has no mention of this village. A farmer named Lakkhan lived in this hidden piece of land since childhood. His fields were just a kilometre away from his home but he had to cross a dense forest on his way.

One day, when he was proceeding for home, he heard someone shouting – “Buy pens online” at the highest pitch of a sharp voice. He went closer towards the voice and found a talking parrot. Astonished with the glittering eyes of the parrot, Lakkhan had his first encounter with the parrot. He held the parrot on his hand and took him home to surprise his kids. Throughout the way back home, the parrot jabbered – “buy fountain pen online".

Lakkhan’s son was studying in 11th standard and was adept with the basic use of computers and internet because of the training is given at school. While the parrot muttered his song of buy Parker pen online, Rajesh (Lakkhan’s son) did some research about the parrot in school. Fortunately, he could get some drastic, yet interesting facts about this talking parrot. He ran home at a rapid speed to share the fanatic news that he’s just got his hands on.

Reaching home, the first thing he did was to check if the parrot was a toy and not real. His anxiousness turned right when he found a pair of batteries. He then revealed the truth about the seemingly real toy parrot, which was the production of a pen supplier company with different varieties of pen and refills who designed this talking parrot for their marketing purposes. The campaign was called as Parrot Marketing.