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Luxor CD/DVD/OHP Marker (Pack of 10)
Luxor's economical  and multi utility marker can mark on various surfaces like CD, cardboard, f..
Luxor CD/DVD/OHP Marker (Pack of 5)
These improved quality markers dries fast and hence can be used on variuos surfaces viz. projector f..
Luxor Whiteboard Marker - Black (Pack of 10)
Luxor Whiteboard Marker comes with a special acrylic tip of 2 mm. This black bullet tip marker is re..
Stic Permanent Marker - Pack of 10 marker pens
This easy to refill permanent marker comes with an extra rub-resistant technology. It is ideal for u..
Stic White Board Marker - Pack of 10 marker pens
Easy to rub, refill and read, these white board markers ideal for office and school use. Specific..
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An Encounter Turned Love Story to Buy Marker Pens Online

Once upon a time a clean, glossy and polished ‘Whiteboard’ (with spiked hair and sunglasses on) was walking down the streets, listening to music through his ear plugs. Not just was his phone’s music player running, he too was singing out loud to the tune of the peppy number, bagging into his head. “Baby I’m a rockstar!”…he sang repeatedly, when suddenly someone hit him on his back.

His phone dropped half a mile away on the road, while he fell on the footpath on one of the sideways. Just as he recollected his senses and opened his eyes, he turned his head in anger to the back for he wanted to see who hit him. There the guilty was – a sleek, classy, bold and dark ‘Marker’. For once, his anger turned into a slight smile, but the next moment he realised he was in pain because of her. He stood up somehow and shouted to her, while passing offending comments like- “Humans buy markers online as they are available at cheap rates. Do you know why? Because they are cheap”.

In a meagre sound, one of the accident witnesses standing there, heard Marker saying “Sorry, it was a mistake”. The witness asked the crowd to allow Marker to speak. However, by then, she had started to cry, feeling bad on the low lines about ‘buy marker pens online' said by the Whiteboard. Observing this, Whiteboard felt ashamed and asked Marker if she was ok.

Then, Marker clarified that she was walking with her sister Buy whiteboard markers Online, who fainted due to the heat and that she was running to look for help. In that hustle, she bumped into Whiteboard, which made him fall. Listening to her sad story, everyone including Whiteboard ran to take her friend Purchase Marker Online to the nearest hospital.

This meeting of Marker and Whiteboard eventually made them good friends.