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Camlin Highlighter-5 shades-Set of 2 packs
Equipped with Chisel tip, these highlighter are ideal for thin and thick strokes. For better highlig..
Flair Ultra Soft Highlighter - Pack of 5 Shades
Flair Ultra Soft Wax Gel Highlighter are the best quality highlighters that..
Luxor Gloliter Highlighters - Set of 2 packs
To mark all your important information, a highlighter is a must have stationery item. Its is a handy..
Solo Highlighter Pen (HLFS5) - 5 colours
For ultrasoft highlighting, these bright, dense and bold highter pens are the apt choice. These fluo..
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The Mission to Buy Highlighter Pens Online

Behind the lush green valleys of Mt. Kanchenjunga, stood a tall, magnificent, majestic palace, well-known as The Palace of Lord Anderson. The gigantic beauty of the palace captivated the attention of millions of eyes from over 20 decades. The demography of visitors was diverse, ranging from architectures of the North to archaeologists from the Western World. Every year uncountable tourists flooded the Palace of Lord Anderson to enjoy the mesmerising decors. The unique and astonishing fact about the palace was its dome that was painted and splashing vividly with highlighter pens. The carvings in the interiors to the curved structure on the outside, everywhere brushes of neon colours were making their presence feel alive.

In the year 1920, when Lord Anderson’s grandson observed the gradually losing charm of the palace, he immediately planned to visit the other side of the Mt. Kanchenjunga. While on his travel, he discovered a workable network tower with a text engraved on it – ‘buy Camlin highlighter pens online India’. Along with it was a battery-run computer like box kept besides, which was being used by a group of mountaineers. There were 2 scientists in the team, who were in quest of the Place of Lord Anderson, for they wanted to buy highlighter pens online to use them for painting the palace. The scientists explained the concept to the son of Lord Anderson, which gave him a ray of hope to save his ancestral palace. He took them along with his palace staff towards his lovely and vibrant castle.

The scientists established the network tower in the backyard of the palace and tried to test the computer. They did 10-20 attempts to buy highlighter online and finally attained success in their 22nd attempt. With an order confirmation and anticipated delivery in a week’s time, the mission achieved its final destination. The king immediately asked them to sell the whole thing to him, to which they agreed. Since then, they continued the use of highlighter for beautifying the palace. And with the regained visits from the overwhelming tourist, their life turned heaven.