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Apsara Colour Chalk for Blackboard (Pack of 5)
This pack comes with10 assorted chalk pieces in 5 colours i.e. Orange, Yello, Freen, Blue and Pink. ..
Apsara White Chalk for Blackboard (Pack of 10)
One of the most comfortless feature of chalks is the dusk that it creates. But these Apsara high qua..
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Moonless gloomy night, dark and dense for the stars to shine brightly as if trying to compensate the darkness by the absent moon. Gazing out the window, I could see myself standing at one corner in my room. The day had been bad for me and depression, sadness doesn’t allow me to sleep at nights; this is perhaps universally true for everyone. And for some unsure reason, I eat chalks while I’m in a bad mood. So I was holding my box of Apsara colour chalk in one hand, standing beside the window pane. Constantly from about 10 minutes, a star was catching my attention. Its light was as lustrous like a polished diamond and the size seemed to be bigger than any other star up in the sky. “No, it isn’t the pole star for I’m sure to have seen it every night”, I answered myself. “Could I just see it coming closer to me?” questioned my mind.

And shockingly, it was right this time again. The star gradually had changed its shape to a thin line, slightly curved. The slow motion was now speeding up; there it was a giant machine floating above my home. “Was this UFO? Is this going to be an alien attack?” similar questions had concealed me. The machine is even closer that I could read text printed on it – "Dustless chalk attack". And what? For the first time ever in my life’s history of 10 years, I was about to have an encounter with the aliens and the only weapon they have is the Apsara dustless chalk that I was eating??” trying to figure out if I read it right. The UFO was in a rotating motion; the text moved to the other end. Making the slightest noise possible, I moved out of the house to check, with my fear being supressed by curiosity.

You’ve not been over your habit of buying dustless chalk online and enjoying them at night? I’ll take this issue to your teachers this time. My scolding isn’t enough for you.” – a sharp voice touched my ears and I realized to have awakened from a dream. Annoyed with my mom who woke me up before I could enjoy the adventure, I swiftly walked out to check if anything of my dream was right. Perhaps, yes! The wall just below my window had a graffiti with a dust free chalk, saying – “CHALK ATTACK!”