The dancing journey of a pen while buying writing instruments online

On a cold, dark, frozen night of December 30th, 2000, was born Luxor Winchester. With a pale white, thin and weak-appearance, he couldn’t catch much attention of his relatives and neighboring members of the town. Each member of the house, including his dad P. Cello Winchester, sister Archie Solo Winchester and mother Apsara M. Winchester, gave him the utmost love and care, needed for a child to grow. He had no friends until the age of 4, as his metallic arm frightened the other kids of the school. Sad and depressed our Luxor writing instrument, became an ignored being. “What was going wrong?” was the only worry with his family, 24x7. He was given counselling and advised to interact, but his closeness always bothered the other writing instruments like parker pen.


One night, one dream came as a makeover device. While the dream was on, he kept shouting ‘buy writing instruments online India’, for about an hour or so. The disturbed family, thought to call a doctor, but considering the density of the night planned a visit on the next morning. Fortunately or unfortunately, the visit could never be fixed as the dream did some magical effect. Luxor confidently woke up and took a major change in him. Going out the room, his family was also shocked to see the unexpected transformation.

He understood where his skills were hidden all this while. His wait for friends, attention and appreciation was now over. He slowly revealed the magic at his school in the assembly after the Morning Prayer. All he did was one dance that he saw in his dream progressively in the following steps – Twist - Push – Flip – Move. And in the flick of time, everyone could see a beautiful sketch throughout on the floor, which was covered with paper. His class teacher turned on the music system for she wanted to motivate Luxor in his efforts. The system started playing the latest hit of the town – “Buy pens and refills for daily use online”, which was a composition by one of the famous groups, Rocking Writers. The band had given some chart-topping songs the same year.


At the assembly, all his fellow writing instruments gradually started to enjoy the metallic beats of the song. The students were able to give reflections of the famous dance forms, hopping, popping and tutting. At least, everyone was trying to copy the step in the most appropriate manner. Our innocent-turned-rock star Luxor too got a boost of confidence with the welcoming response of the fellows. By this time, he had repeatedly dance to his steps for more than 20 times. Shouting out loud, in the mike, ‘Twist - Push – Flip – Move’, he evolved new moves and discovered the dancer in him. His dance became his life.

Luxor taught his dance moves to everyone at his school and each member of his family. Anytime hence, when you meet Luxor or his family or friends, do ask them to dance. You are so going to love it.