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Doms Sharpener (Pack of 20) - 4 Packs
Having durable plastic body, Doms Pencil Sharpener comes with anti-rust coating blades that are scie..
FUN Premium Sharpeners Long Tip Pack of 30
For extra long pencil tip use these premium sharpeners from Fun. Specifications: - Pack of 30 ..
FUN Sharpeners - Pack of 20 (3 packs)
Available in different assorted colours, this pack of sharpeners has 20 premoum quality sharpeners. ..
FUN Sharpeners Jumbo - Pack of 30
₹168.00 ₹136.64
Ideal for school and office use, these assorted colour sharpeners are made from high quality plastic..
Nataraj 621 Sharpener - Pack of 20
Sharpen your pencil without a break with these Natraj super-sharp sharpeners. It comes with scientif..
Omega Pencil Sharpener Super (1743)
For easy sharpening of pencils, this table sharpener is a perfect choice. It is mounted with a long-..
Table Sharpener (Boxin-9612)
₹246.40 ₹197.12
Sharpening pencils is now fun with this cartoon-design table sharpener. It is equipped with clamps f..
₹246.40 ₹197.12
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Buy Sharpeners Online as they can Save Lives

Long ago, there was a land called Pencil-venia, where lead and graphite tied a knot of love and bond and created a generation, popularly known as Pencils. As an uninvited feature, pencils had to sharpen themselves with blades, until when a saviour website, advertised to buy sharpeners online. Since then, it became a trend at Pencil-venia to buy electric pencil sharpeners online to fine-tune their heads.

On one rainy day, 2B and HB pencils got severely ill. Their skin, originally painted with floral designs, became pale and rough. Some annoying school kid had bitten their legs. A senior pencil 6B was called for advice, who asked to buy sharpeners online and remove the skin on their legs as the poison was dispersing throughout the body.

To his advice, every other pencil switched on their laptops to buy sharpeners for all existing ones had rusted due to rain. Thankfully, the website delivered sharpeners well in time and both pencils could be operated. Pencil-venia is again enjoying their lives to the fullest.