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Chhota Bheem Pencil Box KW 111
₹292.32 ₹258.72
This Chhota Bheem's magnetic pencil box will steal your kid's heart away with its fascinating look. ..
School Stationery Blue Miss you Pouch
This aqua colour 'Miss You' Pouch has print on both its front and back side. This extra-light and ex..
School Stationery Pink Cap Pouch
₹357.28 ₹316.96
Pink girly pouch can house all your kids everyday stationery. You kids can carry this light-weight p..
School Stationery Pouch  Sports
₹324.80 ₹287.84
Specially made for sporty kids, this is a 3-folded pouch provided with a velcro opening. It has 2 zi..
School Stationery Pouch Clear (Pack of 10)
These air-tight sealed transparent pouch's can be used for multipuposes. Where it can be used for st..
School Stationery Pouch for Girls (Pink Pouch No.-340)
This glittery barbie pouch with a bow and a heart will definitely steal your kid's heart away. This ..
School Stationery Pouch Net (Pack of 10)
These colourful mesh net transparent pouches can have varied uses like casing stationery, cosmetics,..
Solo Pencil Box (PB103)
₹291.20 ₹257.60
This bright coloured pencil box not only looks pleasing but is also user-friendly. With a button ope..
Solo student pencil bag (PB104) - Pack of 5
These user friendly transparent Student Pencil Bags lets you to easily through the contents kept in ..
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Pencil Box

Buy Colorful Pencil Box Online

In the dry forest of Abhuj Maria, there was a tribal village that was established in the 19th century. A man, named Anishinaabe was amidst the troupe, who was assigned the task of making wooden pencil box. The tribal people used to sell them at a market known as ‘yamakuchi pencil box online shopping market’. Since the village was situated in the core of the forest, it majorly relied on wooden products for their earning.

This yamakuchi online marketplace was so famous amongst the urban people that they used to buy pencil boxes online. Anishinaabe also used to walk for 1000 miles, along with other villages, to sell their products. The market’s entrance had a long passage, surrounded with leaves and tree branches. In that passage, one day, he met a suited gentleman who shared his willingness to buy pencil pouch online in bulk at decent prices. He was carrying a bag full of gold coins to comfortably cover the pencil box price. Astonished Anishinaabe stood blank for 10 minutes as he could not believe what was happening. In the very next moment, he sold all his pencil boxes in exchange of the coins.

That night, when he reached home and opened the bag of coins, his excitement had no limits. “An ordinary villager who always dreamt to work his business of pencil box buy online, could one day become a billionaire” he was wondering. Suddenly he saw a corner of the coin turned brown, in place of golden. On checking, he found round pieces of wood covered with golden foil. That moment he realised that he was bluffed and cheated; nothing could be done now.

Feeling sorrow and remorse, he went back to his task of building pencil boxes.