Geometry Box

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Alpha Protractor (pack of 20)
An essential element of the mathematical geomtry, Protractor is used to measure angles in degrees. P..
₹100.00 ₹86.00
Bittoo Mathematical Instrument Geometry Box
A companion for your geometry classes, this Bittoo Mathematical Instruments Kit has all that you nee..
₹75.00 ₹64.00
Camlin Mathematical Drawing Instruments
This Scholar Mathematical Drawing Instruments Kit is especially designed for school student for carr..
₹110.00 ₹94.00
Hy-class mathematical instruments
This mathematical instruments kit is specially designed for students to help them with their geometr..
₹105.00 ₹90.00
Mathematical Drawing Compasses (Pack of 5)
A mathematical drawing tool, Compass is the essential part of the geomtery box. It is used for inscr..
₹140.00 ₹67.00
Mathematical Drawing Instrument (0314) - pack of 2
A geometry box is an essential entity for school-going kids when it comes to solve geomtric problems..
₹140.00 ₹120.00
Polo Sharp tip diamond compass ( pack of 10)
Suited for geomtrical designs and geomtric problems, this Polo Sharp tip Diamond Compass is a must-b..
₹120.00 ₹103.00