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Alpha Protractor (pack of 20)
₹118.00 ₹101.48
An essential element of the mathematical geomtry, Protractor is used to measure angles in degrees. P..
Bittoo Mathematical Instrument Geometry Box
A companion for your geometry classes, this Bittoo Mathematical Instruments Kit has all that you nee..
Camlin Mathematical Drawing Instruments
This Scholar Mathematical Drawing Instruments Kit is especially designed for school student for carr..
Hy-class mathematical instruments
₹123.90 ₹106.20
This mathematical instruments kit is specially designed for students to help them with their geometr..
Mathematical Drawing Compasses (Pack of 5)
A mathematical drawing tool, Compass is the essential part of the geomtery box. It is used for inscr..
Mathematical Drawing Instrument (0314) - pack of 2
A geometry box is an essential entity for school-going kids when it comes to solve geomtric problems..
Polo Sharp tip diamond compass ( pack of 10)
Suited for geomtrical designs and geomtric problems, this Polo Sharp tip Diamond Compass is a must-b..
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Geometry Box

"Buy Geometry Box Online and Attend my Wedding” – Rashi’s FB Status

Rashi was a 28-year old educated, strong and confident girl, living in one of the metro cities on India. She was working as a client relationship manager in an IT firm, selling geometry box online, in her town since about a year. Having an experience of 2 years in this field, she had mastered the skill of managing healthy relationships with her clients. But, be it destiny or irony of her life that she could not carry her personal relationships well.

Engrossed in profound sadness of not having any companion to share her feelings, her emotions, she continued to enjoy her job where she influenced her clients to buy geometry box online. However, this was not prolonged sustenance as her life was about to take a turn.

One day, as she went down for a meeting with her client about the new bulk order for geometry box, she saw a tall, handsome guy, sipping coffee in the café nearby. Influenced to the ultimate heights, she cancelled the meeting and went to the café. “Is this chair vacant?” she asked the guy, with the underlying objective to start a conversation.


The conversation went on for 2 hours, soon after which she issued a leave application stating the reason as “Getting Married”. Each member of the office (which promoted people to buy mathematical drawing instruments set online) stood up in shock and congratulated her on the phone. She didn’t invite anyone for the wedding for she wanted to realise it for real before disclosing all facts.