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Bittoo Scrap Book with Plain and Ruled Coloured (20 pgs) - Pack of 5
Ideal for making school projects or assignments, this scrap book has one side ruled and ine side pla..
Bittoo Scrap Book with Plain and Ruled Coloured (36 pgs)- Pack of 5
With one side ruled and one side plain pages, this scrap book is apt for making school asssignments...
Bittoo Scrap Book with Plain Coloured (20 pgs) - Pack of 5
Store your imaginations in this attractive colourful scrap book. This scarp book has plain coloured ..
Bittoo Scrap Book with Plain Coloured (36) Pages - Pack of 3
Cut out your thoughts and imaginations and paste it over this beautiful and colourful scrap book. Th..
Camel sparkle ready-to-use colours 6 shades - 5 packs
Decorate your school projects, notebooks, etc with these ready-to-use self-adhesive sparkle colours...
Comet Glitter Colours (6 shades) - Set of 5 packs
Create your imaginations with these sparkling glitter colours. The glitter tubes has self-adhesive a..
Eva Foam Glitter Sheets - 10 Sheets
Add sparkle to your arts and crafts work with these high quality glitter eva foam sheets. They are e..
Faber Castell Craft Scissors (4 Cuts)
For decorative edges and innovative designs, use this creative cut scissors. It is suitable for all ..
FfUuNn premium clay dough for kids 6 shades
These acrylic paint colours can let you to draw your ideas on fabric, cermaic, canvas, wood and meta..
Modelling Clay 4 colours- 5 Packs
₹131.25 ₹112.35
Develop dexterity and stimulate imagination with this fun modelling clay. So play safe and creative ..
Rangeela moulding clay dough 375 gm
Specially formulated for kids to develop a sense of form and detail, this Rangeela Safe Moulding Dou..
Wooden Clip for art work - Set of 5 Packs
Your kid gets uneasy with flipping papers? Then get these cute wooden clip set for your kid and clip..
Youva-Navneet Scrap Book Soft Bound - 22 cm x 28 cm - 32 Pages (Set of 6)
Suitable for students to store the collections of given assignments. It is strong and rigid bonded b..
Youva-Navneet Scrap Book Soft Bound - 22 cm x 28 cm - 64 Pages (Set of 3)
This strong and durable scrapbook has 3 pin binding with back pressing. Students can store all their..
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Craft Supplies

The Cap says Buy Craft Supplies Online

Working on a long Monday morning, with a depressed expression on the face, Mahesh got this amazing opportunity to go out and market the craft supplies including scrapbooks online out in public. Oh so excited, Mahesh, left his work and ran like a thief from jail to venture out in the sun. He was handed over a cap and a t-shirt, which said craft accessories online India at Stationery Hut. “My sales job is superb” speaking to himself in excitement he added, “Unlike those boring desk jobs, I can walk, run, enjoy the pleasant weather…simply in love with my job”.

Marching with these thoughts, his phone flashed “Khatra calling”. Taking a deep breath after a sudden heart break, he picked the call, enlightening himself about the promotion of buy craft materials for schools online. “Don’t come back if you get less than 90 orders for craft supplies. Captivate the audience like a magician, dance like an actor or simply shout- Buy school craft supplies online India; do whatever but don’t dare to come back blank.” With a promising, yet nervous, OK to his boss, Mahesh entered the market nearby his office.

The Story Ends Here for we don’t want to disrespect any marketing plan.

P.S. – Marketing team at Stationery Hut is happily-ever-after team and does not relate to the fiction above.