A Pen that said Buy School Supplies Online

Climb with me on a cliff and you’ll feel like a flying angel; Walk with me to the playground and feel like a sports star; Share with me your sorrows and I’ll be your friend…” a teacher was citing a poem in her class. Siya, with her eyes glued to the bird playing outside her classroom, was absent with her mind constantly gazing and appreciating her new school stationery online collection. A virtual movie was running in front of her eyes, where the bird was just in the background.

"Buy school accessories online”, she heard, still believing that it was her dream. But, this time it wasn’t. A man with a poster in hand had just arrived in her class. Martha, a girl sitting next to her poked to bring her back from the simulated world of school stationery. Introduced as Mr. Parekh, the man came with a black bag full of one of the most needed product from the school stationery items list, a pen. The pen had a silver embossing of ‘Buy school supplies online at online school stationery store’.

With glowing eyes, Siya accepted the pen assuming him to be the man from her dream walking out to gift her this beautiful stationery. The pen gifting gesture of Mr. Parekh brought a blossoming smile on Siya’s face and her collection of online school stationery added up with a beautiful blue pen with a silver embossing.