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A4 Single-side Ruled coloured sheets (20 sheets) - 5 Packs
Make your school assignments more attractive and colourfull with these single-side ruled coloured sh..
A4 Size Ruled Sheets 160 GSM (20 sheets) - 5 Packs
With double-side ruling, these work sheets are apt for making school or college assignments. Spec..
Bittoo 1 Side Ruled/1 Side Plain Big (20) Sheets - 5 Packs
These large-sized sheets can easily fit in your large project files. They can provided with punched ..
Bittoo 1 Side Ruled/1 Side Plain Small (20) Sheets - 5 Packs
Small sized 1 Side Ruled/1 Side Plain sheets are ideal for making biology or geometry assignmen..
Bittoo Both Side Ruled Big (20) Sheets - 5 Packs
Having single ruled lines in both sides, thes large-sized sheets are ideal for school assignments. T..
Bittoo Both Side Ruled Small (20) Sheets - 5 Packs
Having punched holes to resude the punching hassles, these sheets are ideal for school, college or&n..
Bittoo Plain large drawing sheets (20) - 5 Packs
Plain drawing sheets having punch holes to easily stored in a file, these sheets are made of high cl..
Bittoo Plain Small drawing 20 sheets - 5 Packs
Ideal for your drawing assignments, these plain drawing sheets has 2 punched holes for easy clamping..
Neelgagan Artist Sheets Both Side Ruled Small 40 sheets - 5 packs
Suitable for making project files or reports, these ruled sheets are punched on one side for easy fi..
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Ruled Sheets

Buying Ruled Sheets Online Saved a Town

There was a small privately run school in the town of Sheetophelia, where multi-cultural sheets resided. A famous gang, called ruled sheets had created nuance in the whole town, besides just the school. The ruled sheets gang had 4 members, for which reason they were sometimes also called 'ruled paper A4'. From ragging to bullying, they were involved in all mischievous activities.

The same year, a new mayor was elected in town, Mr. M. Paper. The mischiefs of Ruled Sheets increased to a level that the news spread to the mayor’s office. Mr. Paper immediately announced a press conference and sought out a solution to curb their misbehaviour. He requested civilian sheets of Sheetophelia to buy ruled sheets online, for this way the gang will divide. Also, each one, being a slave, will have to serve their master, like it is their jail.

Mayor Paper continued to spread the word - ‘Buy double sided paper online’ as this is the only best method to control their annoying actions. The idea worked wonder and the peace and serenity in the town was back.