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Gift Wrapping Paper

Ransom Call to Buy Gift Wrapping Paper Online

Baby bear, Pingu, being the only child of Papa Bear Allen and mamma bear Alina, was the apple of their eye. Allen and Alina found Pingu on the banks of a river, covered with a gift wrapping paper. Since they were not blessed with a child, even after 4 years of their marriage, they brought him home considering a gift from God. Unaware Pingu, was happy for he had loving friends, family and a beautiful home.

But in real lives, there aren’t any happy endings. One day, while the little Pingu was playing, he got kidnapped by two shady men. Allen got a ransom call from the kidnappers where they asked them to buy gift wrapping paper rolls online India at decent prices. They repeated their words to stress upon buying from an online Indian website. Allen and Alina got threatened to hear about gift wrapping paper.

Worrying about Pingu, Allen decided to buy wrapping paper online India, for he wanted to save his only son. He browsed to an Indian website,, from where he enquired on how to buy gift wrapping paper online as every hour, Allen was receiving calls asking for wrapping paper online India.

After 4 days, the kidnappers released Pingu in exchange of gift wrapping paper. Allen and Alina, are still trying to figure out if they belong to a mafia involved in the illegal exchange of gift wrapping papers.