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Envelope Brown 10x12 (pack of 50)
₹342.20 ₹165.20
Offical brown coloured envelopes are ideal for packing of important documents. Specifications: -..
Envelope yellow with lamination 10x12 (Pack of 20)
Added with durability feature, the inside of these enevelopes have plastic lamination. These envelop..
Envelope- white 10 X 12 (Pack of 50)
These laminated envelopes adds protection to your important documents since these are not easy to te..
Envelope- white 10 X 4 (Pack of 100)
These window envelopes have a transparent window for clearly showcasing the name and address of the ..
Envelope-net yellow & green 10 X 12 (pack of 20)
Available in Yellow and Green colour, these enevelopes have net lining on its inside to add an extra..
Envelope-white 9 x 4 (Pack of 50)
₹256.06 ₹123.90
These mini envelopes can be used for sending letters and documents. Specifications: - Colour whi..
Envelope-white lamination 10 X 12 (Pack of 30)
Apt for official use, these white-coloured laminated envelopes have plastic lamination on its inside..
Yellow Envelope-net 12 X 18 (pack of 10)
Envelope supported with net inside to protect your documents, this enevelop is suitable for packing ..
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Keep Your Senses Alive Before You Buy Envelopes Online

One day, in the kingdom of Maharana Pratap, a diamond studded necklace of Rani, a.k.a the Queen, was stolen from one of the designer envelops it was kept in. This incident of theft annoyed Maharana, making him think if any of his servants were involved as few of them had access to the fancy envelops of Rani. Maharana conspired with his leading officials about catching the thief red-handed and so made an interesting plan.

In the evening, he called all his servant staff to the courtyard and ordered them to buy envelopes online at decent prices and bring the next morning. Adding to which, he said, “Anyone who’ll bring an envelope tomorrow will be awarded a gold coin”. Everyone agreed to the king’s order and went to their respective quarters. But, none could sleep that night, worrying about the envelope. It was clear that even if they buy envelops online in India, the order will not be dispatched by next morning.

Rajat, one of the servants, was very excited for receiving the gold coin, as he did not need to buy paper envelopes online as he already had one. This was the same envelop that was stolen from the queen’s lounge. Thrilled with joy, he went to the king in the morning assembly and gave his envelope, where all others were standing unhappy for missing on the gold coin.

This way the king caught the thief and motivated the other servants by ordering his officials to buy envelops online and gift them to the staff.