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Sapphire pencil carbon paper 100 sheets blue colour
Premium quality long-lasting carbon paper for royal blue impressions. Specifications: - 100 shee..
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Carbon Paper

Buy Carbon Papers Online – The Killing Marketing Campaign

A decade ago, there was a British forensic scientist, Dr. Steele, who was a successful and well-known investigator earning the highest salary in the industry. He was working with the Carbon Paper Price Ltd., which was headquartered in Westminster, London. With the ultimate success that he got, he became rich beyond the dream of avarice.

During his succession on one of the murder investigation of Late Mr. Martin Boyle, he discovered traces on the involvement of his own firm, i.e. Carbon Paper Price Ltd. Shocked as hell, he immediately dig his investigation within the company. The firm, headed by Mr. Shane Paper, also had a vertical in the Basildon town that advertised people to buy carbon paper online. This was a diverse business stream managed under the team of Carbon Paper Ltd.

On Steele’s second visit to Mr. Boyle’s place, he found business cards of his company, on the back of which was written- ‘Buy Pencil Carbon Paper Online’. This was the alarming signal for Steele and ignited his quest for truth. After several visits and investigations, Steele got his boss, Mr. Paper, arrested when he was found guilty of Boyle’s murder.