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Tracing paper A4 size
₹324.80 ₹285.60
Top quality pack of 90 gsm tracing paper. It is suitable for hobby and project work also it have the..
₹324.80 ₹285.60
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Tracing Paper

Monsters won’t allow you to Buy Tracing Paper Online

A forest officer is responsible for the management of the flora & fauna and maintenance of the forest wildlife. Jackson, on his first job as a divisional forest officer, visited The Midlands. On his very first day, he was assigned the task to study the ground soil covering 15 sq. mts. Before coming for the first day, Jackson was asked to buy tracing paper online so that the soil testing could be done.

The process involved placing a handful of mud on a tracing paper and subsequently leaving a trace on the collected soil to analyse the behaviour. When he traced the first lot of soil, a weird sound aroused from within gathered mud. On careful checking, he found 10 insects, turning blue in colour. He instantly threw the tracing paper that was holding the mud on the ground. The insects had completely turned blue and started growing in size. A small part of the tracing paper was visible by now, which had some text printed, saying – ‘tracing paper price'

The insects had now turned into bulky monsters with a hard cracking voice. Jackson heard them saying something, unclear initially, but audible enough for him to understand. They were muttering, “Do you know the tracing paper price? How dare you used them on us? Don’t ever think to buy tracing paper rolls online ever again in your life.”

Nervous Jackson fainted at the very same moment and was found lying by the other forest officials, around 6 hours later. Jackson could never continue with his forest career after that.