Combo - Corporate Kit (Medium)
A reddish-brown planner with a ruled notepad, a branded stapler, fevistick, pencil stand, paper tray..
₹3,178.00 ₹1,955.00
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Combo - Desk Accessories
A combo of complete desk stationery items, this combo has total of 13 products: - 1 Pen Stand -&nb..
₹1,148.00 ₹804.00
Combo - Desk Accessories Kit (Medium)
All desk accesories in one combo to ease your desk stationery shopping task.  Product Specif..
₹1,061.00 ₹637.00
Combo - Desk Accessories Kit (Small)
Keep your desk oraganized and accomplished with this combo set of desk organiser, pen stand, note pa..
₹709.00 ₹489.00
Combo - Key Bag, ball point Pen & Pen Stand
Get this 'Key Bag + Pen + Pen Stand Combo' to keep your office desk clean and organized.  It..
₹435.00 ₹247.00
Combo - Mega Desk Accesories Kit
Mega Desk Accesories Kit to keep your office desk or study table equipped with all the stationery es..
₹2,012.00 ₹1,052.00
Combo - Pen Stand + Notepad + Glue Stick + Ball & Gel Pen + Pencil + Cutter
All that your office desk needs in just one combo! This combo contains a pen stand, notepad, glue st..
₹823.00 ₹536.00
Combo - Pen Stand + Notepad + Glue Stick + Ball & Gel Pen + Pencil + Cutter + Calculator
Looking for a complete set of desk stationery? Then this combo will be perfect for you. It has all t..
₹1,061.00 ₹688.00
Combo - Pen Stand + Pen + Pencil + Sharpener + Eraser + Scale + Highlighter
Complete desk stationery combo with desk organizer i.e. pen stand. So now buy this combo and keep yo..
₹770.00 ₹605.00
Combo - Planner, Paper Weight & Pen Stand
Complement your office desk with this combo of black leather planner, a matching leather pen stand a..
₹1,448.00 ₹735.00
Combo - Planner, Pen & Pen Stand
A combo with all that your office desk needs. This combo has a brown leather planner for organised o..
₹1,643.00 ₹834.00

Pen Stand

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Apple-shaped Pen Stand
Uniquely designed apple-shaped pen stand can ehance the beauty of your study or office table. Made f..
₹188.00 ₹91.00
Infinity Pen Stand (INF-PS05)
Infinity's 2-in-1 pen stand allows easy transition between sqaure and round shape. Not just sqaure a..
₹135.00 ₹116.00
Kebica Pen Stand
This multipurpose tumbler can be used both at offices and homes for both commercial and domestic use..
₹90.00 ₹72.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Leather Pen Stand - Black
Pen stand are not just for pens, your office table has multiple items which need to be organized. Bl..
₹405.00 ₹196.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Leather Pen Stand Brown
Intricate Design with brown and white checkboard on cover, this pen stand is must have accessory for..
₹463.00 ₹224.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Marble Pen Stand with hand carving and painting
Give your office or study table a royal look with this Rajasthan Marble Pen Stand. This masterpiece ..
₹1,241.10 ₹560.00
Marble Pen Stand with hand carving and painting-peacock design
Having golden embossed work, this Rajasthani handicraft speciality pen stand has beautiful peacock s..
₹1,241.10 ₹560.00
Marble Pen Stand with watch-hand carving and painting
Complement your room of office interiors with this beautiful handcrafted paradise adorned with pen s..
₹1,396.24 ₹630.00
Omega Crystal Pen Stand (1709) - Pack of 2
This spacious desk organiser has different compartments for different sized products like pens, penc..
₹174.00 ₹139.00
Omega Deluxe Pencil Cup Stand (1704) - Pack of 2
Cylindrical shaped classy pencil cup stand can easily accommodate your desk stationery like pens, pe..
₹144.00 ₹115.00
Omega Elite Pen Tray (1727)
Rectangular shaped multipurpose pen tray can be used to organize your office or study desk. It can a..
₹119.00 ₹95.00
Omega Executive Pen Stand (1732)
Made from high grade material, this executive pen stand is an essential desk stationery as it can ke..
₹97.00 ₹77.00
Omega Hexa Pen Stand (1705)
Completely designed in hexagon shape, this pen stand has 3 different-sized hexagons for storing your..
₹116.00 ₹94.00
Oven Pen Stand No. 9142
Now you can keep a gas oven on your work desk. Yes! The Design which conveys a dream. This oven shap..
₹261.00 ₹126.00
Pen Stand DG-785
Organzise your office desk with this designer pen stand. It is made of high quality polystyrene plas..
₹203.00 ₹98.00
Round spacious pen stand (FS-6009)
These classy and stylish pen stands can add beauty to your office or study table. Round spacious pen..
₹203.00 ₹98.00
Solo Desk Organizer (DL202)
Get your desk in shape with this elegant and stylish desk organizer. It has 5 compartments wherein y..
₹140.00 ₹112.00
Solo Multipen Holder (DS101)- pack of 2
Featuring transparent and sleek design, this multipen holder from Solo is made of high quality resin..
₹180.00 ₹154.00
Solo Pen Holder (DS201) - pack of 2
To keep your desk neat and suave, use this elegant desk organizer. This pen holder has 3 sections fo..
₹172.00 ₹147.00
Solo Pen Stand (DL102)
Now you can keep almost everything that is occupying your desk space in this spacious dek organizer...
₹160.00 ₹138.00
Transparent Pen Stand (INF-PS03)
A must have desk stationery, pen stand is the essential component of every office desks. This transp..
₹98.00 ₹88.00
Wooden Pen Stand with Pen and Watch
Though having space for holding single pen but its stylish design will definitely steel your heart a..
₹160.00 ₹148.50