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Cap push pins - 5 packs
₹177.00 ₹115.64
Suitable for pinning notices and other important information on notice boards, these push pins are a..
Duster for Black and White Board - Pack of 5
Whether you have a chalk black board or marker white board, this duster is suitable for both. It all..
Gemson Bulletin Board Pin (5 Boxes)
Manage your bulletin or notice board with these high-quality push pins. It comes with a sharp-pointe..
Luxor White Board Marker (Blue)-Pack of 10
Ideal for whiteboard, these blue colour marker pens can easily be wipped off using a duster. Its hig..
Luxor White Board Marker (Red)-Pack of 10
Ideal for school,office and business use, these red colour marker pens comes with a special acr..
Luxor White Board Marker Pen Ink (Pack of 5)
Refill your Luxor White Board Marker Pen with this marker ink. Due to its vibrant colour it allows c..
Luxor WhiteBoard Cleaner 100 ml with micro fibre cloth
Luxor's Whiteboard Cleaner is based on nanotechnology. It easily removes permanent marker inks from ..
Magno White Board Duster  (Pack of 5)
For easy cleaning of black board and white board use Magno Duster. This plastic body duster with cle..
Oddy White Board Duster - Pack of 5
This non-magnetic white board eraser is made from high quality plastic mould, It has a space to hold..
Omega Black Board Duster Light 1561 - pack of 5
With a plactic body and a foam cleaner, this black board duster is a perfect fit for cleaning both b..
White Board Duster-Magnetic (Pack of 2)
This high-quality duster ideal to be used for whiteboards, has space for holding 2 markers and ..
White Board Magnet 20mm - 4 packs
₹410.64 ₹339.84
Small and colourful disc magnets are used as planner magnets over the boards. This pack of 10 magnet..
White Board Magnet 40mm - 4 packs
₹410.64 ₹339.84
These colourful and large planning magnets can add more colours to your whiteboard. These 40 mm wide..
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Board Accessories

Buy Whiteboard Accessories Online Only from British Traveller

Far away from the stressed life of metropolitans, there’s an island known for its famous white boards accessories. The island was full of unique plant species, which grew with white leaves. Those white leaves and the wooden trunks of their trees were used to produce white boards. The island was long ago explored by a British traveller on voyage. Then he thought of an idea to spread the use of white boards accessories in the cities.

He got successful in his venture as various schools, colleges and organisations started to buy whiteboard accessories online from him. He increased his whiteboard price from Rs. 100 to 200 and gradually, by the end of 2 years, he owned a net worth of Rs. 20 lakhs.

Seeing his success, many competitors jumped into this market where people used to buy white board accessories like board pins, whiteboard markers, magnetic whiteboard dusters, and even fixed their whiteboard price lower to that of the British traveller’s boards. But the superior quality of the island’s leaves could not be reproduced by the artificial chemicals used by the competitors. Hence, everyone continued to white boards accessories online from the traveller as they chose quality over price.