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Admission Register 4 quire (21.3 cm x 38.3 cm x 1.5 cm)
Ideal for school use, this register is apt for maintaining student's admission and withdrawal data. ..
Admission Register 6 quire (21.3 cm x 38.3 cm x 2.5 cm)
For easy maintenance of all school student's admission and withdrawal data, this register is a must ..
Attendance Register-big (20 x 32.5 cm) - 95 pages
Ideal for office and institutions, this attendance register lets you to manage attendance of your em..
Attendance Register-small (16 cm x 20.5 cm) 95 pages- Pack of 3
This small-sized attendance register can be used both in schools or offcies for maintaining the atte..
Attendance Register-Student (24.8 x 38 cm) 1 quire - set of 2
For easy maintenance of students attendance use this Student Attendance Register. So, now ease your ..
Attendance Register-Teacher/Staff (23.5 x 36.5 cm) 2 quire
Now you can easily maintain the arrival and departure time and data of leaves taken by a teacher of ..
Cash Book 140 pgs (19.8 cm x 32 cm)
Ideal for medium to large organisations, this cash book can be used to store all the company's cash ..
Cash Book 62 pages (16 cm x 20 cm)- Pack of 3
Record all the receipts and payments of money of your company or organisation in this small and hand..
Cash Book-big (19.8 cm x 32 cm) 62 pgs- Pack of 2
Full-size light weighted cash book to store your cash particulars with an ease. Specifictions: -..
Cash receipt book (18.9 cm x 10.9 cm) - Pack of 5
Cash receipt book with cut size carbon paper is ideal for making original and duplicate receipts sim..
Conveyance use Register (16 cm x 20 cm) 65 pages- Pack of 5
This offical Conveyance Use register is used for storing the details of the motor-car or other ..
Day Book 10 mm wide (14 cm x 34 cm) - 242 Pages
Maintain your day-to-day particulars in this day book. This day book from Shipra hasfine quality pag..
Day Book 20 mm wide (14.8 cm x 34 cm) - 298 pages
Store all your payment records in this Day book from Shipra. Having fine quality pages, this day boo..
Delivery Challan (14.1 cm x 21.9 cm) 50 sheets- Pack of 5
Shipra's delivery challan notebook has 50 sheets in triplicate. It also comes with a cut size carbon..
Despatch Register (19.7 cm x 32.1 cm) - 250 pages
A despatch register is used to maintain the record of all the outward letters. So, now easily manage..
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Accounting Books

Buy Accounting Books Online to Become an Efficient Businessman

Ali was running his business independently. He was the first sole proprietor in his family. He was perfect in managing everything but he often felt issues to keep record of the finds and stock of materials in his business. When was searching online to looks for tips to manage his business, he noticed a mail in his in-box which said “Buy attendance register online and manage your business smoothly.” He got excited and clicked on the link provided in his mail.

When the linked open, he saw that there are varieties of books to maintain the record of the cash and material. He also noticed that there is a ledger also which can help him maintain a section-wise record of all the expenses.

He immediately logged on to the websites to buy ledger register online. On the website, he saw the variety of books which he might consider buying later like accounts register, day book, store register etc. Thereafter, he ordered books which can help him maintain a record of the materials and the income and expense throughout the year. He also recommended his friends who are sole-proprietors to buy accounts register online as they were offered at discounts and free gift was also available with them due to Diwali offer.