Buy Files and Folders Online from the Stationery Giants

Three stationery shopkeepers always had a competition with each other. With different schemes and strategies, each of them always tried to market itself over the other. When one took his step to the internet market by selling files and folders online, the other two instantly followed with their files and folders stationery. The cut throat competition was suffocating for each of the three, how-so-ever, interesting it was getting for the customers who wanted to buy files and folders online. They were enjoying great discounts on files and folders stationery.

One day, an experienced businessman visited their area at his relative’s place. He had the chance to see those 3 changing schemes at the blink of an eye. He called all three of them and cited a story of togetherness. He advised one of them to maintain a massive stock of files stationery, other one to get a collection of folder stationery and the third one to focus on marketing.

This way he asked them to unite so that people willing to buy files and folders online can enjoy a huge collection and they could earn peaceful profits. The idea worked and turned into the biggest giant of online stationery.