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Alex Brown Masking Tape - Pack of 10
Alex superior quality masking tape is suitable for furniture, painting and packers industry. Spec..
₹1,447.95 ₹700.00
Alex self adhesive tape - 18 mm (Pack of 5)
With self-adhesive property, this tape can be used for varied purposes like packing, bundling, seali..
₹651.58 ₹315.00
Alex self adhesive tape - 25 mm ( pack of 5)
Tapes are the essential office and house stationery. Depending upon the requirement, they are availa..
₹100.00 ₹86.00
Brown Transparent Tape 2 inch - Pack of 2
Brown tape is ideal for packing, binding and sealings. Due to its wider base and strong self-adhesiv..
₹289.59 ₹140.00
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Cello Tape - 12mm x 30 yds (Pack of 20)
Made from Polypropylene, this tape is used as  a general purpose  adhesive tape. Specif..
₹200.00 ₹171.00
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Clear Tape-1 inch- Pack of 10
In almost all offices tapes are used to stick objects. This clear and transparent tape lets your see..
₹579.18 ₹280.00
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Clear Tape-2 inch - Pack of 5
Due to its multipurpose usage. it is a must have in every office. This sticking tape is ideal to wra..
₹723.98 ₹350.00
Holographic Tape (Big) - Pack of 12
Decorate your school assignments files with these holographic self adhesive tapes available in diffe..
₹1,042.52 ₹504.00
Holographic Tape (Small) - Pack of 12
Having sparkling colours like a rainbow, these beautiful holographic self-adhesive tapes can be..
₹556.01 ₹268.80
Infinity Invisible Tape - Set of 2
This Infinity's matte finish invisible tape comes with an easy to use tape dispenser and hence reduc..
₹130.00 ₹111.00
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Molang Correction Tape - Set of 5
Having an imprint of cute Korean bunny, Molang, this correction tape is ideal for school kids. Its q..
₹723.98 ₹350.00
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O Claro invisible tape 18mm X 35 mm - pack of 3
O claro invisible tape dispensor is stylish also have a cutter and holder attached to it.The length ..
₹180.00 ₹165.00
paper tape-wonder tape - Pack of 5
This utility purpose paper tape is a pressure-senstive tape and allows easy-tearing. It is suitable ..
₹651.58 ₹315.00
SRV Double-Sided Tape - pack of 5
Perfect for light-duty attaching and mounting tasks, this double-sided tape allows sticking of two s..
₹579.18 ₹280.00
Writewell Invisble Tape - Pack of 5
Work with this magical tape which becomes invisible when pressed against the smooth surface. It has ..
₹651.58 ₹315.00
Writewell Invisble Tape with Dispenser (10mm X 33mm) - Set of 2
This magical invisible tape becomes invisible on contact with a smooth and flat surface. It's matte ..
₹232.00 ₹112.00