Combo - Desk Accessories
A combo of complete desk stationery items, this combo has total of 13 products: - 1 Pen Stand -&nb..
₹1,148.00 ₹804.00
Combo - Desk Accessories Kit (Large)
All that you need to keeo your desk well equiped and organized in one combo. Right from desk organis..
₹1,179.00 ₹848.00
Combo - Desk Accessories Kit (Medium)
All desk accesories in one combo to ease your desk stationery shopping task.  Product Specif..
₹1,061.00 ₹637.00
Combo - Desk Accessories Kit (Small)
Keep your desk oraganized and accomplished with this combo set of desk organiser, pen stand, note pa..
₹709.00 ₹489.00
Combo - Mega Desk Accesories Kit
Mega Desk Accesories Kit to keep your office desk or study table equipped with all the stationery es..
₹2,012.00 ₹1,052.00
Combo - Pen Stand + Notepad + Glue Stick + Ball & Gel Pen + Pencil + Cutter
All that your office desk needs in just one combo! This combo contains a pen stand, notepad, glue st..
₹823.00 ₹536.00
Combo - Pen Stand + Notepad + Glue Stick + Ball & Gel Pen + Pencil + Cutter + Calculator
Looking for a complete set of desk stationery? Then this combo will be perfect for you. It has all t..
₹1,061.00 ₹688.00
Combo- Corporate Kit (Large)
All great desk and corporate stationery- planner, noting pad, stapler, fevistick, cutter, pens, pen ..
₹3,976.00 ₹2,640.00

Paper Cutters

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Cutter Knife 18mm
With heavy duty grip, this Xiao Fang cutter knife has a non-slip elastomer grip. Its auto-lock syste..
₹248.00 ₹112.00
Cutter Knife HX-18
This small knife cutter is suitable for cutting paper and cardboards. It is equipped with a stainles..
₹200.00 ₹171.50
NT Cutter iA-120P
Light-duty cutter suitable for light-cutting operations is a must-have office stationery. Specifi..
₹378.00 ₹171.00
NT Cutter L-550
This L-type cutter has extremely sharp blade which is suitable for heavy-duty grip cutting operation..
₹1,396.00 ₹630.00
NT Cutter S-202P
NT Cutter S-202P is a light-weighted cutter suitable for paper cutting. It feautres stainless steel ..
₹543.00 ₹245.00
Omega Snap off Cutter Big (1793) - Pack of 5
This power packed snap off cutter is equipped with an imported blade of superior quality and has a s..
₹140.00 ₹112.00
Steel paper Cutter A-556  (Pack of 5)
Provided with heavy duty grip, this cutter is suitable for cutting plywood boards, carpet, floor mat..
₹175.00 ₹140.00