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Alex Brown Masking Tape - Pack of 20
Alex superior quality masking tape is suitable for furniture, painting and packers industry. Spec..
Alex self adhesive tape - 18 mm (Pack of 5)
With self-adhesive property, this tape can be used for varied purposes like packing, bundling, seali..
Alex self adhesive tape - 25 mm ( pack of 5)
Tapes are the essential office and house stationery. Depending upon the requirement, they are availa..
Brown Transparent Tape 2 inch - Pack of 2
Brown tape is ideal for packing, binding and sealings. Due to its wider base and strong self-adhesiv..
Cello Tape - 12mm x 30 yds (Pack of 20)
Made from Polypropylene, this tape is used as  a general purpose  adhesive tape. Specif..
Clear Tape-1 inch- Pack of 10
₹683.22 ₹554.60
In almost all offices tapes are used to stick objects. This clear and transparent tape lets your see..
Clear Tape-2 inch - Pack of 5
₹855.50 ₹713.90
Due to its multipurpose usage. it is a must have in every office. This sticking tape is ideal to wra..
Holographic Tape (Big) - Pack of 12
Decorate your school assignments files with these holographic self adhesive tapes available in diffe..
Holographic Tape (Small) - Pack of 12
Having sparkling colours like a rainbow, these beautiful holographic self-adhesive tapes can be..
Infinity Invisible Tape - Set of 2
This Infinity's matte finish invisible tape comes with an easy to use tape dispenser and hence reduc..
Molang Correction Tape - Set of 5
₹171.10 ₹142.78
Having an imprint of cute Korean bunny, Molang, this correction tape is ideal for school kids. Its q..
O Claro invisible tape 18mm X 35 mm - pack of 3
O claro invisible tape dispensor is stylish also have a cutter and holder attached to it.The length ..
paper tape-wonder tape - Pack of 5
This utility purpose paper tape is a pressure-senstive tape and allows easy-tearing. It is suitable ..
SRV Double-Sided Tape - pack of 5
₹342.20 ₹165.20
Perfect for light-duty attaching and mounting tasks, this double-sided tape allows sticking of two s..
Writewell Invisble Tape - Pack of 5
Work with this magical tape which becomes invisible when pressed against the smooth surface. It has ..
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The Repulsive Campaign to Buy Tapes Online

Quite a while back, there was a famous organisation known as Writewell Invisible Tapes Pvt. Ltd. It was, as the name suggests, one of the biggest manufacturer and distributor of Alex self adhesive tapes. With such huge name and fame, the owners were the kings of the castle.

Once they launched a new, seemingly hilarious, marketing campaign to promote their adhesive tapes. However, they failed to reach their objective, eventually drawing a bad name towards the brand. Here’s an insight to the flawed campaign-

Buy tapes online and you can shut your enemy’s mouth”, was the tagline of the commercial that showed a group of kidnappers using their cello tapes. Somewhere this commercial motivated the sinful act of kidnapping, and hence, was banned soon after its release.

Further, with consistent efforts, the company – Cello Tapes Pvt. Ltd. Continued to produce quality adhesive tapes attempting to regain their original market demand.