Sticky Notes

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Butterfly Post-it Colour Flag (Pack of 4)
Perfect for keeping memos, message, reminder and remarks these colour flags make work easier. It is ..
₹200.00 ₹171.00
Post-it Flags - 5 Packs
Ideal for marking pages in books or files, these Post-it Flags comes in different neon colours. S..
₹275.00 ₹247.50
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Post-it notes 3x4 inches - Pack of 3
Self sticky notes that can easily be sticked on your notice board or work stations, are efficient fo..
₹171.00 ₹158.40
Saya Sticky Notepad (100 x 75 mm) - Pack of 5
Premium message pads having self sticking property are a very useful office and school stationery it..
₹200.00 ₹171.00
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Saya Sticky Notepads (50 x 76 mm) - pack of 10
Self stick note pad that can removed and repostioned is an ideal office stationery that can be used ..
₹200.00 ₹171.00
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Stic on Post-it (75 X 25 mm) - Pack of 5
These self stic fluorescent prompts can be used as quick reminders. Its self adhesive property allow..
₹260.00 ₹229.00
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Stic-On Post It Notes (2" X 3") - Pack of 5
Most commonly used small self sticky notes has a re-adherable strip of glue on its back which allows..
₹130.00 ₹121.00
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