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Bright Electro nickle plated office clip 35 mm - 10 packs
Nickel Plated Paper 35 mm Clips is of excellent quality and light weighted. Specifications: ..
Butterfly Binder Clips  19mm (5 Boxes)
Make your paper work well-organised with these binder clips. It is best suited for students and prof..
Infinity Binder Clips  19mm - 5 Boxes
Lead a hassle-free life managing loose papers with these binder clips. Product Specifications: -..
Infinity Binder Clips 25mm (5 Boxes)
Get rid of hassles of managing your sheets of papers with these binder clips. As compared to using p..
Infinity Binder Clips 32 mm - 5 Packs
Efficiently designed for powerful grip and easy release, these triangular binder clips can be used f..
Kores paper clip-packet of 100 clips of 33mm each
Use Kores Paper Clip to hold your sheets together. It is made of high-quality steel wire. This packa..
Wooden Clip for art work - Set of 5 Packs
Your kid gets uneasy with flipping papers? Then get these cute wooden clip set for your kid and clip..
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Ellie and Eddy were two super cute buddies of the tiny town of Hamishare, a place in the west end of Italy. Grown up throwing pranks at each other, Ellie and Eddy shared a great bond together. Making everyone wonder, Eddy always compared their strengthened twinning to that of paper clips.

The paralleled wire of paper clips depicted the inseparable friendship and the sudden curvy structures were alike their unpredictable fights. Eddy jabbered about this comparison so much so that Ellie had to buy paper clips online to gift to Eddy on his birthday.

About a month after Eddy’s birthday, he heard about Ellie’s admission to a hostel in another city, which was about 54kms away. That very moment, he decided to give a bountiful farewell gift to Ellie, which will be an amalgamation of their memories and his favourite paper clips.

The last day, Ellie visited Eddy’s place hoping that he would buy wooden paper clips online in different colours and wrap them as a gift for farewell. But to her surprise Eddy had made an innovative use where he brilliantly indulged glimpses of their past, using multiple types of paper clips and binder clips.

Have you ever thought to buy paper clips online to use in an exciting new way?