Miscellaneous Stationery

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 Wooden Slip Box with bundle of plain loose sheets
Dark brown coloured wodden slip box covered with a brown leather from middle is a must-have desk sta..
₹449.00 ₹217.00
A4 Leaf Sheet Protector - 50pcs
Protect your documents from dust & scratach with these sheet protector punch pockets. Compatiabl..
₹724.00 ₹350.00
Acrylic damper with cap/ball- Pack of 5
Ideal for office, factory, bank, school, workshop, etc, this Damper with cap is apt for desk top sor..
₹200.00 ₹171.00
Bell All Pins steel - 5 Boxes
Bell's nickle plated steel All Pins comes with a perfect solid head and a pointed needle. This value..
₹170.00 ₹148.50
Black Table Planner
Table planner with every month's planner afixed over leather board is suitable for keeping view on m..
₹319.00 ₹154.00
Blue and white cubical paper weight
Having cubical design, this dual colour paper weight can help you to manage your blowing papers. ..
₹318.55 ₹154.00
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Camel delux stamp pad blue - Pack of 5
Having ergonomic design, this ligh-weighted stamp pad is ideal for making long-lasting impressions. ..
₹175.00 ₹165.00
Desk Basket
Made from 100% virgin plastic, this plastic basket can be used for organising and sorting your offic..
₹348.00 ₹168.00
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Desk Basket for office accessories (big)
Having made from high quality plastic, this stylish multipurpose basket will not only organise and s..
₹434.00 ₹210.00
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Desk Basket for office accessories (small)
Ideal for sorting and organising stationery, CDs, cassette tapes, cosmetics, cutlery and various oth..
₹319.00 ₹154.00
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Faber Castell Correction Pen - Pack of 5
With Ozone safe formula, this good quality correction pen lets you to easily correct your work with ..
₹125.00 ₹107.00
Globus Globe 505
Get your kids this educational world globe and help them ink knowing the entire map of the world wit..
₹180.00 ₹154.00
Globus Globe 606
Equip your kid's study table with this Globe which is a great leanign aid. Take your kid to an educa..
₹313.00 ₹268.00
Kebica Crystal Cuboid Paper Weight
Paper weight is an essential desk stationery and when it comes to crystal paper weights, it becomes ..
₹202.71 ₹98.00
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Kebica easy water pad damper- Pack of 5
Your perfect companion to ease note counting and stamps work, this round water pad a plastic base to..
₹175.00 ₹150.00
Kebica Rainbow Paper Weight
Having a clear top and a white opaque bottom, this paper weight is a must have office desk stationer..
₹260.63 ₹126.00
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Laptop Cleaning Kit (IC106)
This laptop cleaning kit is a must-have accessory of your laptop bag. This kit has 1 anti-static cle..
₹210.00 ₹180.00
Laptop Stand (LS101)
Especially designed to relieve users neck and back pain while using laptops, this Laptop Stand raise..
₹396.00 ₹339.00
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Laptop/LCD Wonder Cleaner (IC101) - pack of 3
Laptop and LCD screens are something that should be handled with care. This Wonder Cleaner allows sc..
₹240.00 ₹206.00
Leather Visiting Card Album
Visiting cards hold the contact details of all the important people you meet.This visiting card hold..
₹434.00 ₹210.00
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LED Magnifier (LM777)
Now using magnifying glasses has become more easy with this LED magnifier. It features an inbuilt fl..
₹296.00 ₹254.00
Magnetic Pin Dispenser-Set of 5
The best way to organize your clips and to prevent your desk from getting messed up is to use Pin O ..
₹362.00 ₹175.00
Magno Desktop Sponge Finger Money Damper (Set of 5)
Ideal for home, office and bank use, this Magno sponge damper comes with a plastic case and a fine q..
₹175.00 ₹140.00
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Multi Purpose Basket
Have an organised stationery at your home or office. This multipurpose basket can be used to keep yo..
₹232.00 ₹112.00
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Octagon Crystal Paper Weight
A designer piece of paper weight having octagon shaped cut will look so appealing while kept on your..
₹521.26 ₹252.00
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Oddy T-pins for boards - 5 packs
For easy accessibility and usage, these board pins have unique T-shaped design. Having T-bar head an..
₹205.00 ₹176.00
Omega  Cello Tape Dispenser (1775)
With a tough, long lasting and rust free body, this cello tape dispenser makes all packaging works e..
₹120.00 ₹105.00
Omega Mini Tape Dispenser (1773) - Pack of 2
Manufactured with high quality strong blade, this mini tape dispenser is ideal for reels of small si..
₹138.00 ₹110.00
Omega Pin-O-Clip Deluxe (1797) - Pack of 5
Pin-O-Clip Deluxe has a transparent bottom and an opaque top which is fitted with ring magnet for ho..
₹175.00 ₹140.00
Omega Tape Dispenser Deluxe-small (1772)
Provided with a contemporary styling, this small-sized tape dispenser can accommodate tape of upto 2..
₹108.00 ₹86.00
Optical instrument magnifying glass 50 mm (Set of 2)
For all the operations where magnifying the object becomes necessary, this Magnifying Glass serves t..
₹266.00 ₹129.00
Paper weight crystal octagon shape
Paper weights are one of the essential desk stationery that helps you in keeping your desk organised..
₹202.71 ₹98.00
Paper weight square shape crystal
Ideal for easy management of paper, this crystal paper weight will entice your desk's beauty, Spe..
₹202.71 ₹98.00
Royal Computer label-100 sheets
Compatible with both laser and inkjet printers, these self-adhesive labels ensure high quality print..
₹300.00 ₹257.00
Solo  Visiting card holder C105
A professional way to carry your visting cards. This visitng card holderhas a leather cover and thic..
₹683.00 ₹308.00
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Solo Business cards holder (BC805)
Now no neeed to stuff your wallets, use this business card holder for smart and quick storage of imp..
₹118.00 ₹94.00
Solo Business cards holder (BC808)
For smart storage, quick search and easy reference use this business card holder. It is embossed wit..
₹188.00 ₹150.00
Solo keyboard skin (KS102)
Spill-proof and dust-proof laptop protector skin will protect you laptop from any dust or accidental..
₹132.00 ₹113.00
Speedo count water pad note damper - Pack of 5
For speedy counting opertaions, this Speedo Count waterpad have desk equipment. It has a round dampe..
₹150.00 ₹129.00
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Stamp Pad blue color  (Pack of 5)
This long-life stamp pad is extremely handy and light weight. It is equipped with a robust casing an..
₹150.00 ₹120.00
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Supreme stamp pad ink blue 30 ml- Pack of 10
Your stamp pad getting dry? It needs to be filled with ink to come in action again. This Supreme qua..
₹200.00 ₹171.00
Surya Globe laminated no. 808
Surya globe is made for excellent learning skills, kids interactive etc. These are widely used in se..
₹600.00 ₹514.00
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Titewell Nylon Rubber bands (pack of 3)
Superb quality, high elasticity, durability and uber cool fluorescent colours are some of the key fe..
₹150.00 ₹129.00
Weib Correction Pen (12 Pcs)
Having pink coloured body with a transparent cap, this correction pen has 15 ml of white fluid which..
₹231.67 ₹112.00
White Shark Correction pen (12 pcs)
Now let your kid make mistakes while writing as this correction pen can help you in correcting all t..
₹231.67 ₹112.00
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