Must have tools to win office battles

Having the right interior, flooring, walls and other decors are important, but one thing that defines you amidst all this is the stationery that you have. Traditional office stationery right from the pen holder to the notepads is an important aspect of your office space. When you are looking for writing implements, make sure that they are a perfect fit for the job. Never compromise on the quality and comfort. Every business is different, but there are some stationery requirements that are common for all. Here, we are going to talk about some objects if bough correctly, can increase the productivity and efficiency.

Diaries & Notepads:

It’s not advisable to write important notes on loose papers as they might probably get lost in the bundles that you already have on your office desk. Always have a notepad or diary so that you can quickly jot down all the important information and refer it whenever you need it. It’s also the best tool to show respect to people. And of course, it works as the biggest source of entertainment when you are attending a boring meeting doodle, draw or write all the thoughts that are buzzing in your head.


Research proves that the benefits of handwritten notes far outweigh those using an electronic medium. Therefore, one can say that a pen is mightier than a keyboard. Writing notes boosts memory and the ability to understand concepts and facts.


A high-quality resins that hold all kinds pens in one place is a must have. Keeping all the things in one place saves a lot of time. Remember to keep a pair of scissors, pen, pencil, stapler, eraser, etc. in it.


This is an important tool when you are reading a magazines, newspapers, books, documents or files. It is used to highlight the important quotes, interesting lines or some statistical figure which helps you remember all the important aspects of an article. Be careful that you don’t highlight too many things with too many calories as it can be distracting at times. Make important aspects stand out.


These are small pieces of paper that can do better work than the reminder apps on the phone. These usually have solutions to many questions that you have. Different color post-it notes can work as a code for your pending tasks.


The best way to bound reports and important documents together is to have a stapler with you. It comes in the list of office must have because it is a multi-functional tool. You can use it to remove stapler pins or as a paperweight if you don’t have one at the moment.

You can buy additional stationery items, depending on your field of business. It has now become even simpler to buy stationery online as there are websites solely dedicated to this. Browse all the categories and choose the ones that you like the most as they provide maximum choices. Opt wisely!!

Promoting Creativity in Toddlers

In our present education curriculum, too much focus is on logic- Inductive and Deductive reasoning- i.e. association building, which is a typical mechanical approach. Promoting creativity among children focuses on discovery and the cognitive rearrangement of new things, which promotes originality and appreciation of context. There is no rigid criterion of looking at things, as diversified perceptions are welcome, thus encouraging self-discovery.

Contrary to our conviction, creativity is not just an expression of art but is essential for science, maths, academic writing, social interaction and emotional intelligence. Toddlers learn to differentiate between the situations because creativity makes them flexible in their approach.

There is a pattern to the process of inculcation of creativity: Acquisition of creativity-Reinforcement-Extinction of the learned behaviour. Greater are the number of reinforcements provided before the extinction of their responses, greater are the chances to sustain their creativity. Reward them for their achievements and encourage them on their failures by sharing the mistakes you made recently or as a child. Emotion supplies energy for motivation and without motivation learning cannot take place.

Fostering creativity is a cognitive phenomenon. The toddler continues to ponder over the problem and ultimately arrives at a solution. Help your child assemble all the ingredients that are necessary to solve the problem.

Impart information and provide resources. For insightful solutions to occur, the child needs to be exposed to all the elements, both tangible and intangible, to express their creative side. Share your interests such as your favourite scientists, music et cetera and teach them to embrace change with compassion.

Do not interfere too much. The child must develop self-efficacy i.e. a trust in oneself to overcome and learn from the obstacles. This not only cultivates creativity but also make them happy.

Children learn by observing; they identify and take on the characteristics of their parents. They notice your actions and their effects and use it as a guide for future. They learn vicariously after being exposed to your behaviour, so make sure you present them with a decent model. The younger they are, the more the modelling.

Children are a bundle of curiosity. Answer their queries and never hush them away. Provide them with practical but harmless tools that they can apply to real-world situations and challenges.

Do not put too many external constraints and let them be their happiest versions; for everyone gets to be a child only once.

7 Onam/Ganpati festival craft activities

While Onam, a harvest festival celebrated in the Malayalam month of Chingam, marks the homecoming of the mythical King Mahabali to the state of Kerala every year, Ganesh Chaturthi is commemorated in the Hindu calendar month of Bhaadrapada to honor the elephant-headed God, Ganesha’s birthday.

The festivals originate from diverse legends and traditional beliefs. Apart from the commonality that both are ten-day festivals, the fervor with which they are celebrated the same. This jubilation is exhibited by the numerous craft activities done by the devotees to adorn their places.

Revel with these seven Onam/Ganpati festival craft activities-

  1. Onam is the carousel of boat races, kaikottikali dance and rain flowers, hence, every Malayali household is decorated with floral decoration or ‘pookalam’. Choose fresh flowers (artificial ones will stay longer though) of different shades and arrange them in various patterns or bouquets. You can also cut out different shapes of flowers from colorful craft papers. You may opt for colourful glitter sheets as well these are easily available on
  1. Splash some colors on the floor by making Rangoli patterns. Use rice flour mixed with different colors, or several grains if you want and paint them with watercolors or use flower petals to make traditional or abstract designs and rejoice in an eco-friendly way.
  1. Women this year participated for the first time in Pulikali or tiger play, a flamboyant folk art form in Kerala, performed on the fourth day of Onam. Exclusively men staged it until now. This gives us, even more reason to make ‘pulikali’ masks. Draw the outlines of the tiger’s face on a thick sheet or a paper plate. Cut and paint it using yellow and black colors to resemble the tiger’s facade.
  1. On the same lines, you can also create a netipattam, a glittering ornament that adorns the forehead of an elephant.
  1. Ganesha is known by 108 different names and is the Lord of arts and sciences. Utilize the wisdom that the deva has blessed you with and use your scarves and stoles to create an interesting background or tie them to pillars.
  1. Even though we are in the digital age, where people send info graphics to wish each other, nothing beats the charm of Greeting cards, especially if they are hand-made.
  1. Make Kathakali based light lamps using plastic spoons and plastic bottles. In order to make it look more elegant and beautiful you can fill them with variety of colors using pencils or oil painting, easily available on
  1. The majestic beauty of a peacock beats all. You can visit for the craft materials required to decorate the beautiful peacock and leave your guests in awe.

Convenience With All Your Office Stationery Supplies

Looking for the best solution for a wide variety of stationery requirements for your new office? You need not look any further. Stationery Hut is a one-stop solution for all your office stationery at the lowest rates.

In operation since 2011, Stationery Hut is an online e-commerce site that can deliver stationery items to your office doorstep in every nook and corner of India. Stationery Hut provides a range of office stationery including office files, notebooks, desk stationery, computer accessories, pens, and a lot more.

Here are some reasons why Stationery Hut can be the best vendor for your business venture:

  • Not just about discounted deals

In addition to providing products at discounted rates, we offer reasonable rates that reduce your stationery expenses in the long run. We also provide bulk discounts on large orders.

  • A range of office stationery products

Besides providing basic office products, we have a range of stationery that can satisfy all your office needs. Our products are 100% genuine and are sourced from all over India, Europe, and China.

  • Online facility

With an easy-to-use online shopping website, Stationery Hut provides you with the facility of placing orders at any time of the day and on any day. You can also avail of online payment methods for your order using net banking or credit cards. Online reviews of our products rate the online experiences of other customers, along with the ease of entering your own comments.

  • Doorstep delivery

Irrespective of your office location in India, we provide fast delivery of your online orders. Stationery Hut partners with the best vendors in the courier business including FedEx and Blue Dart. While online orders placed from Delhi/ NCR are delivered the next business day, other orders are fulfilled within 2-7 business days. Received orders are shipped within 24 hours and can be tracked online.

  • Cash on delivery

With free shipping for online orders above Rs. 2000/-, Stationery Hut offers the convenience of the Cash on Delivery facility for all products.

  • Safe packaging

All the shipped items are carefully packaged with water-proof plastic wrapping or bubble wrap, so that they reach you without any damage or loss.

  • Convenient 7-day return policy

Want a different colour or size? Our 7-day return policy ensures your complete satisfaction with your delivered products.

Visit us at or call us on +91 9599063445 or +91-11-48111110 for the best solution on office stationery.

Saving Money on your Office Stationery Through These 5 Tips

Saving money is the foundation of a wealthy and healthy business as it can make or break your business. With everything else you spend money on your business, buying office stationery seems a cake-walk, but it’s not. Cost including overhead, delivery of supplies can eat into the profit and create hazard for your business.

The day-to-day functioning of an office completely depends on well-organized stationery which should be used efficiently. The bulk amount of stationery is what an office requires. As a business owner, it is important to spend smartly on your office stationery but the lack of knowledge may mislead you.

Want to save money? Below are the magic tips:


An office has countless outgoing costs and office stationery is an aspect that you can easily streamline. One way to cut down the cost on office stationery is to look for the best deals available on the bulk purchase. You can buy papers, ink, notepads and pen in bulk but make sure you don’t end up with too much stock.


It is suggested to track the acquisition of the office stationery by item and quantity as it is critically important to keep a lid on your outgoing cost. To identify any repeated purchase or unnecessary expenditures, maintain a monthly log. Encourage your office staff to look at the cost-efficient ways to use the stationery. Also, suggest them to keep their desk organized as it can save them from misplacing small articles like box of stapler pins, erasers etc. every now and then. Always keep a storage box or a pen stand at your desk to place things rightly.


Shopping online is much cheaper than buying in store. And you have an advantage of additional savings if you are buying from a specific stationery site, that too from the convenience of your home or office. Physical stores have limited product and doesn’t give you the opportunity to search through the wide range of products. Many online stationery stores offer free shipping which efficiently saves major outgoing cost.


A supply station set encourages employees to share supplies. A spot with hole puncher and another with stapler is much more beneficial than having personal supplies. This will also help in getting the stationery well-organized and will save the time too. It will reduce the overall requirement of supplies that can be shared.


Don’t be lured by short term savings on one product, instead save on overall bill by selecting a vendor that offers lower overall prices. The short term saving on one product is fine if you are going to buy the single item.

The above mentioned points may seem small but the cost saved can be a lot.

Remember, every bit counts!

A Buying Guide for Stationery Items which are Useful and Decorative


From office to school, every place requires stationary items and managing those is not less than a cumbersome task. But with the advancement in stationery manufacturing, today, the stationery items are not only useful but decorative as well and one should know how these items can be both at the same time.

Here, we bring to you some of the most innovative stationery items:

  1. Marble Pen stand:
    marble-clock-pen-standThe marble pen stand with a clock is a must have stationary item for your office or home purpose to complement your workplace. It is made of shining white marble with Rajasthani handcrafted painting on it and serves the dual purpose. The spacious one side pen stand holder is a master piece while on the other side the analogue clock with metal outline keeps you aware about your time.
    To know more, visit:

  2. Globus Globe:
    globe-blackbaseThe World is in your hand!
    With this educational globe, help your kids in knowing the world in a better way. You can enhance the elegance of your drawing room with this stationery item. It is scratch proof and made of ABS polymer for a long life.
    Thinking to buy?  Here is:

  3. Leather Table Set:
    P1040229Perfect stationery set that every office desk needs. This combo has everything you require to enhance the beauty of your wooden office desk and offers to be the best organizer available.
    The combo contains one leather compartment pen stand, 1 triangular paper weight and a wooden slip box with loose plain sheets.  This set is made of brown wood and black leather.
    Buy here:

  4. Wooden Slip box:
    P1040250A perfect combination of elegance and style! This must have desk stationery item is a dark brown coloured slip box covered with brown leather which helps in organizing your desk.
    This item comes with complement loose plain sheets to let you get started.

To avail amazing offers on above mentioned items, browse:

How to Manage Office Stationery

Managing stationery is a challenging task these days. It is more than just ordering it; If you are unable to keep up with the use of your stationery, use some innovative methods for managing it.officeStep 1
Consolidate the purchase of stationery. This will ensure that each department requests new stationery from one person. This helps in controlling costs as it makes sure that orders aren’t duplicated. It also gives you the ability to consolidate several order requests into one entity.

For example, if one department wants a special thank-you cards and the other one needs an invitation, order the two together and you will get a volume discount at your laser printer.

Step 2
Keep stationery in a central location. Now start monitoring the location on a regular basis for checking the inventory. Create an inventory list as it will prompt you to order items when they are about to end. For example, if you notice the last box of letterhead being opened, it’s indication to order more stuff.

Step 3
Start tracking the dates of your stationery orders as it will create an estimated date of when you’ll need more ordering. It’s just a guideline, however it helps you in managing overuse.

Step 4
Make the reuse of old stationery to reduce costs on notepads and test copies. This will reduce the number of calls you make for ordering note pads and copy paper.

Step 5
Start shredding sensitive documents printed on your stationery. And now you should recycle the shredded paper. You need to create a secure and central location for employees so that they can deposit sensitive documents.

The above tips could definitely render a helping hand to keep your stationery in proper order. It will also help you in saving time, money and energy.

Most Common Office Stationery Items And Their Importance

It is important that your office has enough stationery items to run its operations. Even though workplaces may be quite advanced and use computers, they also need stationery items in order to perform important roles. As a business owner, it is important that you own them since they are usually in great demand at the workplace. So, here is a list of the stationery items that you need the most at your office and their importance.

Files and folders

Every office needs to look organised and a computer cannot do that for you. Therefore, files and folders are an extremely important part of your office. You should also purchase paper holders apart from files and folders for your workplace. Even document binders and report covers are the other items of importance to any office. All these items should be included in your checklist so that you can purchase them for your workplace.

Items to write

Pens and pencils are some of the most important things that people use in any office. Apart from fountain pens and ball pens, the workers at your office need these items as the most useful writing items. Erasers and pencils are also of great interest to people working at offices. Even whiteboards are important to write things on so that lots of people can see what you are trying to convey.

Different office equipment

Any modern workplace requires a variety of equipment in order to work smoothly. You would need ordinary as well as scientific calculators to function and also paper clips and paper weights. Without these and the other stationery items, it would be extremely difficult to operate the office. Sticky notes and paper cutters will also help people as they would help people in reminding others of important tasks and cut papers into bits.

Why you should buy Office Stationery from the Virtual Platform?

Buying office stationery can be a tedious job, but if you have a reliable online store, then the job becomes much easier. The idea is to carry out day-to-day functioning with office supplies like computers, typewriters, printers, scanners, fax machines, telephones, etc. Though, you cannot examine the products physically but you can be assured of online purchase since today there are a number of competitive stores that are vying to become the biggest grosser with trustable transaction through online.

Here, are a few reasons why you should buy office stationery from online:

A physical store might have limited products, or you may find one product in a store while another in a second store. This can be a cumbersome shopping experience, but an online store offers varied range of products in one place. There are products like pens, folders, files, pen drives, pencils, staplers, diaries, registers, glue sticks, visitor diaries to choose from.

Most importantly, you are browsing from comforts of home or office so you can take your own time fishing through a huge range. Compare the different supplies as manifested online, so that you can make ideas from the demonstrated pictures as shown on screen, and then go through other details like prices, brand name, delivery time and so on.

There won’t be any loss of time by going through various products, comparing them, evaluating the benefits of buying one and not the other from a physical store. Buying online saves a lot of time since you are just a click away from getting access to any product you want. Remember you will get access to a heap of information right from a click.

Online stores give you glimpses of a huge range of office stationery that can used as corporate gifts. Order them, but do mention your delivery address and in few day’s time you will get all order reached out to your door.

Personalized Stationery – Why It Is Important For A Start-Up Business

Back in the day, people would have never even thought of personalised stationery. The only way they used to personalise communications was by writing letters with a pen and a paper. The concept of personalised communications has been revitalised by the advent of the internet. Here is why personalised stationery is important for start-up businesses.


Clients will be impressed
When clients see that you have included your own business card and personalised notes, they will be extremely impressed. Personalised stationery includes thank you note cards, invoices, purchase orders, receipts, memos, supply requests, gift tag stickers, sympathy cards, place cards, and the like. Business people hand over these stationery items to their prospective clients for several reasons on a daily basis such as attracting more business, introductions, etc. Therefore, this stationery must look extremely attractive. This will give your client a fair idea of who you are or what business you are into.

Make your clients feel appreciated
When you hand over personalised stationery to your clients, they will not only be impressed but also feel highly appreciated. Furthermore, you can reap many benefits and advantages of having sent them personalised stationery. After sending your clients personalised stationery, you will never feel like just another face in the crowd. It is through such stationery that you can let your clients know what business you are into. Through this step, you can establish the identity of your brand.

It is worth investing in
Personalised stationery may be expensive as compared to ordinary stationery but it is definitely worth investing in. When you add your company logo, you can expect to promote your business further and let the general public know about your company. If more up to date software is used to prepare this kind of stationery, then it will be even more expensive but it could be highly beneficial in the long run.