Heroic Tale of Art and Craft Supplies

On the beaches of Andaman, there was a hut in which art supplies stayed. All those items were very different in size; texture and color from each other. The bond of love among them was the reason of their interdependence. Articles such as pen, pencil, eraser, sharper and scale made their separate groups and decided to rent a Disney pencil box. Sharp items such as compass, protector and D made an agreement to live in geometry box without hurting each other. Other articles such as paint brush, markers, sketch book and Camlin crayons decided to hire a wooden basket to lure the artists.

All the items had distinct compartments and they were living happily; until a day arrived when scissors and cutters entered their life. They were the destructive elements who uprooted their happiness. All these elements were so sharp that they forced every article to adjust themselves as per their whims and fancies or else they threatened to murder them.

After receiving constant threats from scissors and cutters, all the other articles organized their union and decided to buy art materials online, so that the other members can help them take a good decision. All of them locked scissors and cutters in a pencil box and the residents of pencil box shifted their home to pen stands. After receiving so much help from them they decided to buy school craft materials online to save themselves from the dangers in the future.