Combo- Corporate Kit (Large)
Combo- Corporate Kit (Large)
Product Code: SH900
Check Your Pincode   

All great desk and corporate stationery- planner, noting pad, stapler, fevistick, cutter, pens, pen stand, file tray for an organised workplace, calculator, color flags, clear bag to keep the documents, correction pen and a correction tape to edit the documents. 

Items in Combo:
- A reddish brown planner with lock technique,
- 200 sheets notepad,
- a Kangro 10-D stapler with capacity of 100 pins,
- 15gm fevistick,
- silver and gold plated pens with diamond studs,
- a 9mm wide cutter with 12 cutting edges,
- a deluxe pen stand,
- paper and file tray with 3 racks,
- casio calculator,
- 150 sheets of color flags,
- a clear bag,
- an invisble tape
- a luxor correction pen.



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